Our care providers are specially trained personal support workers.

We recognize the importance of family involvement to provide truly effective and individualized resident care. We believe a trusting and equal partnership with family members ensures delivery of the greatest possible care.

Working with families, we can provide a more personal approach by combining our skills, knowledge and experience in shared care giving.

We provide:

  • A ratio of personal support workers to residents of 1:6/7 during the day and evening and 1:13 overnight, seven days a week, supported by a full-time supervisor and manager.
  • Throughout the daytime, one personal support worker is dedicated to the six or seven residents, building an environment of familiarity and knowledge about each resident’s preferences and needs.
  • A full-time activationist on site seven days a week who works with residents on a small and large group basis
  • An understanding of the effect dementia has on behaviours
  • A flexible routine which is patterned to follow the desires of our residents. For example, bedtimes and bath times are flexible and breakfast is eaten when desired.
  • Encouragement to our residents to remain as involved as they are able, building on their skills and strengths.
  • Access to visits by a dementia specialist, a foot care nurse and a hairdresser.

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