Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home History

In 1970, Mr. Ewart Angus bequeathed monies “in trust” under the guidance of board members from the Eglinton St. Georges United Church.  His wish was that these monies would be used "for the erection of a housing facility for senior citizens in the greater Toronto area".

A few years later, a planning committee decided to focus on unmet housing needs of seniors in North Toronto. Research pointed to the lack of retirement homes in North York and North Toronto for people living with dementia. Many people with dementia were inappropriately housed in nursing homes.

The planning committee researched and was inspired by the work of Dr. John Tooth. Dr. Tooth had established a specially designed residence for people living with dementia in Hobart, Tasmania. Dr. Tooth’s building has four nine-bedroom wings, each with its own kitchen, living area and secure garden. Each of the units operates separately from the others. The physical design – with small group living spaces – combined with the special care and activities provided in this building have been successful in creating a home-like, stimulating atmosphere.

Ewart Angus Homes Inc. opened its first home in 1999 on Merton Street in Toronto, called Angus House. In 2005, Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home followed, with a design quite similar to the home built by Dr. Tooth, employing a residential layout unique in Canada. Cedarhurst Dementia Care Home is a fully private and non­profit home, licensed in 2013 by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority of Ontario.

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