Individual Dementia Care Plans

Individual dementia care plans are tailored for each resident at Cedarhurst. They include therapies, techniques, and activities, including stimulation to maximize the functioning and independence of the resident in the areas of physical, cognitive, sensory and social abilities. This individual Dementia Care Plan also monitors resident’s safety and wellbeing, while promoting quality of life.

In addition communication strategies and strategies to address responsive behaviours are incorporated in this plan to manage the ongoing care of each individual resident.

Personal Care

Staff will encourage a resident to perform their own personal care according to their ability. Staff will assist with personal care that includes bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and with medications as needed. Lifelong routines are respected and accommodated.


Activation, specifically designed to cognitively and socially stimulate residents is provided everyday by trained activationists. Individual, small and large activities such as games, gardening, discussions, outings, as well as programs to support memory and cognitive functioning are the essence of Cedarhurst's Dementia Care Program. Residents are encouraged to be as involved in the activities of daily living as they are able.


Currently, Cedarhurst provides different therapies such as Art Therapy, pytotherapy, activation and allows pet therapy, when Families bring in pets of their own.  In a nutshell, our program builds upon a resident’s residual strengths and encourages maximum choice and independence.
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